Water Leak Detection in Naperville, Illinois

Flood-damaged house

Deal with unexpected issues without any delay with assistance from the team at Courtesy Plumbing. When you hire a plumber in Naperville from our business, you can rest assured your problem will be handled efficiently. Speak with us to check for water leaks and use any of our other plumbing services.

Did you wake up to a wet ceiling? Have you fond a puddle on the floor in your kitchen or bathroom? Are you suddenly experiencing decreased water pressure from the faucet or showerheads? If you have spotted a leak from your water heater or suspect that you may have a problem somewhere in your plumbing, you can trust our team to help. We can diagnose the problem and quickly address it to get your plumbing back to perfect working order again. Our team conducts free complete plumbing inspections with every service call, so we can even spot problems like a leak in your bathroom plumbing that may cause problems in the future.

How to Check If You Have a Water Leak

If you suspect that you have a burst pipe or water leak (maybe your water bill is inexplicably higher), you can conduct the following test before calling Courtesy Plumbing:

Make Sure All Water Sources Are Turned Off

Check your water meter at night before you go to bed and then again the next morning to note any change on the meter. If there has been a change, you could have a water leak or burst pipe and need Courtesy Plumbing to attend your property to assist with your pipe leaks and repair.

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