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Hiring a Plumber to Assist You – Part 2

Sump Pump InstallationDo you know what steps you need to take when you are having a plumbing problem? Before you give us a call, we want to make sure you have taken care of all possible simple issues.

A good reason to call the plumber when you need assistance is that your sink always drains slowly no matter what you do. This problem may be related to buildup in your pipes or could be related to the fact that you live in an older home. When you call us for assistance, we can snake your pipes to clear our any sludge or clogs that will not make it through the system.

If your shower pressure is weak, you should make sure your showerhead is working correctly before you call us. Many homes throughout the country have hard water, which can cause buildup. You should soak your showerhead in vinegar before giving us a ring to ensure that it is not something as simple as calcium buildup issues. If that does not work, you can contact the professionals at our business to help you clean your water lines.

Are you looking for a plumber in Naperville, IL? Contact us today. The team at Courtesy Plumbing can help you with sump pump installation services, as well as emergency plumbing repairs.