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Signs You May Have a Leak in Your Home

Plumbing problems happen all the time and are not always obvious.Plumber in Naperville You need to know the signs that you have a leak. Here are a handful of signs you should know about:

Increased Water Bill – It is a wise idea to always keep track of your water bill to see if there are any substantial increases. If there are, there is a chance that there is a leak somewhere in your home. You can look at bills from last year at the same date to see if this isn’t just a small increase.

Mold and Mildew Problems – Have you noticed a musty smell in your home? It may be related to a leaking pipe. Take a look at the around your house and see if you can track down the source of the smell. It is very likely that you will find a pipe leaking in that spot.

Wet Spots – If you find wet spots around your bathtub, near sinks, and by your toilet, then it is possible that you are dealing with a leak. If you notice this problem happening regularly, you should call a professional to assist you with your problem.

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Put a Stop to Hair Clogs

Plumber in NapervilleKeep your drains nice and clean with help from the team at Courtesy Plumbing. We have put together a small list to help you deal with hair clogs:

  • Clean Your Drain Filter Every Week – A simple way to take care of hair clogs in your home is to set aside some time each week to clean your drain filter. All you need is a small piece of wire with a bent end. With this simple tool, you will be able to reach down in your drain and get rid of those nasty clogs.
  • Brush Your Hair Before You Shower – If you have many problems with hair clogs in your shower, you should consider brushing your hair before you get in. By doing this, you can get rid of excess hair. This action will prevent any loose hair from going directly down the drain.
  • Install a Hair Catcher – When your hair is just too hard to tame, you can install a hair catcher in your shower to take care of the problem. There are a vast array of hair catchers on the market, including plugs, baskets, and dome screens. These hair catchers should be cleaned regularly to prevent any additional problems.

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Dealing with Weak Water Pressure in the Shower

Plumber in NapervilleIs the pressure in your shower weak? It could be a simple fix or it may be the sign of a severe problem. Take a look at the reasons why your water pressure may be inadequate:

  • Broken or Clogged Pipe – A broken pipe is serious and can lead to additional problems in your home. When you turn on the water, you should listen out for water running in other parts of the house, as well as look for water stains. If you find anything, you should call a plumber as soon as possible.
  • Showerhead Issue – One of the simple problems may be that the showerhead is no longer working correctly. Take a moment to uninstall the showerhead and clean any buildup that is on it. Some showerheads may have switches on them that could have been tripped. If it works when you reinstall it, then you should have no additional problems.
  • Issues with a Pressure Reduction Valve – Are all the bathtubs, showers, and sinks in your house having pressure problems? You may need to adjust or replace your water pressure reduction valve. This valve is typically located near the main water valve. A good plumber should have no problem helping you with your valve problems.

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